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We have at this moment 14 named pools:

  1. The Ashes
  2. Merryshields Run
  3. The Croy Point
  4. The Embankment
  5. Cormorants Roost
  6. The Horse shoe
  7. The willow Pot
  8. Upper Alders
  9. Lower Alders
  10. The Car Park Pool
  11. East Willow Run
  12. The Willow Pool
  13. The Junction pool
  14. The Railway Channel

The Upper beat starts with the Ashes pool, this offers a beautiful glide to the tail end of the pool where salmon rest.
We then have Merryshields run, a deep fast runner that is best fished with a fast sinking line and a short leader.
The Croy Point is next this is where the river narrows, as short piece of water to fish but well worth it, probably better suited to the big casters.
Next is the Embankment, nice for fly or spinner, with the deeper water being on the home bank, spey casting is the better option with the fly.
That ends the upper Beat We then go onto the Cormorants roost, again both fly and spinner are suited to this pool, a good flow of water with boulders mid streem, wading is possible but with care.
Now we now drop into the Horse shoe, climbing in at the upper steps and wading close to the bank, this pool is super to fish, with a nice draw on the fly, it can olny be fished with the double spey cast, again the deeper water is on our side.
The Willow pot is under a huge Willow tree and is extreemly deep, wading is ok but again we keep close to our bank climbing out at the lower steps.
The Upper Alders is a super bit of water, great wading and a long cast, fish move close to our bank in bigger waters so try not to wade too far out.

Moving into the Lower Alders, again a cracking bit of water, offering a nice flow of water for both fly and spinner.
We now move on to the lower beat.
The car park pool, deep and fast but a joy to fish,its best fished with sink tips or a fast sink leader.
East Willow run, is a hard wade but well worth the effort, you can fish both runs from the same point, the west side being part of the Willow pool.
The Willow pool is a long cast and fishes better with a spinner from below the tree, but above its a nice run for the fly.
The Junction Pool is the boat pool, but can be fished from the bank, this fishes better in high water, great care must be taken when wading here as it has ledges of bed rock with deep drops.
The Channel, is a short pool just below the Junction Pool. Fish tend to stay close to our bank in the deep channel that runs next to the bushes.
Eltringham can now offer Tennants & guests a boat.
This can only be used in conjunction with the Ghillie and is dependant on water hight, this is if the Ghilli deems it to be safe.
Tennants and Guests cannot use the boat by themselves at any time
This is a brief guide only, for more information please contact the Fishing Manager or Ghilli.

There is more access to develop so we will add that to the beat shortly.