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This is a picture of the Salmon Hatchery in Kielder. It is run by the Environment Agency and provides one year old salmon parr for the Tyne Salmon Stocking Program. Every year 450,000 are introduced into various parts of the North and South Tyne. The Tyne Salmon Stocking Program is continuous as a replacement for lost spawning grounds lost through the building of the Kielder Reservoir.  

Here you see how broodstock is collected by staff of the Environment Agency. Great care is taken to select the best quality of fish and also as to the proportion i.e. of Salmon and Grilse used.
This is the picture of an excellent specimen of Tyne Salmon collected for broodstock.  
Preparing to get eggs from a beautyful autumn salmon that is in the right condition to spawn.  
Inside the Kielder Hatchery Salmon eggs are fertilised.  
A picture of hatching salmon eyed ova.  
A shole of very young salmon from one of the breeding containers in the Kielder Hatchery.  
This is how one of this fish in the picture above looks. Note the backbone is still visible, and so are the gills.  
The finished product, a silvery salmon smolt on its way to the sea.